Who Are We?

avkomlogo_2012We were founded in 1996. Since the year we were founded, our main field of business has been professional video applications. Any area where video is used professionally in any manner has attracted our attention. Within this framework, we have been contracters of hundreds of projects and have done first-class jobs. We have established the digital video archives of many institutions and made hundreds of TV stations to go through digital format. So that Turkish TVs have been using digital systems long before their competitors all around the world have and our contribution is very big in this.

“We are rising consistently on the list of the biggest technology companies declared every year, and we is ranked 132th in 2015.”

We have made many institutions deliver their messages to their counterparts via digital media. We have played a critical role in the digitization of many congresses and conferences organized in our country. We have carried out many projects to record, transfer and store critical video contents. In short, when you hear professional video in Turkey, we are one of the first companies that comes to mind.