Virtual Studio Installation

Currently, there is no need for large budgets to install virtual studio. It is possible to set up studio with smaller and most importantly more user-friendly systems which can be managed by only one person but meet everything needed instead of with special decorations and complicated equipments each of which requires hiring additional personal. As Avkom Technology, by taking your budget into account, we set up professional studio installations depending on your needs. Today, you can see that these systems are used extensively in financial, manufacturing, retail and education sectors.

 Green Box

We pay attention to choose green box to get quality display from Virtual Studio. By painting fabric and room we convert the place into green box.

Decor Selection

We create solutions in decoration with the World’s best software companies for which we are distributor in Turkey. Besides these software have their own designs ready to use, you can add as many studio design as you want . Thus, with these software you will not worry about decoration anymore.


As Avkom Teknology, we are Sony’s biggest dealer and expert solution partner in Turkey. In the direction of your needs, we use cameras with the best price/performance ratio. You are able to perform greenbox operations with all the cameras we provide.

Technical Equipments

After the decor, green box and camera selection, you will need technical equipment to key. With the experience we have gained in setting up national broadcasting channels, we choose these equipments and carry out the installation.

When installing your Virtual Studio system, we project to the finest details and perform turnkey installations. This system is intensly used, generally, in universities, content producing companies, video services of large companies and banks.

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