Video Recording and Archive

Metus_fotoToday, video is produced in many areas of life. A significant portion of the Internet content has also been turned into video. Everyone has become so interested in video that now thousands of hours of videos have begun to accumulate in our homes. Some of these contents are very worthy.

Video Recording Systems

As Avkom, especially for professional use, we setup video recording systems. With the highest quality and efficient compression technologies, we record very special video contents produced by companies, government agencies, military, police, hospitals, and event companies. What we record might be sometimes a video of surgery, sometimes an international congress, sometimes a military operation, sometimes a civil defense exercise, sometimes a very valuable training seminar. Briefly, we design and setup video recording systems for any purpose, and if requested, also provide operator support within the framework of a full service.

Video Archive Systems


Since the recorded videos have a significant value, it is very important that these videos are archived properly and securely. We setup video archive systems either in office or on the cloud storage. We build disk-based systems as well as longer-lasting optical-based systems. We provide software related to archive systems and offer their training and configuration. We produce secure archive structures and ensure that contents are securely delivered. Our archive systems have very sophisticated search engines and offer very fast access to their content.



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