Video Format Conversion / Transcode Services

transcodingConverting video format operation is a critical challenge for many companies. If the transcoding formats of the archived videos are not appropriate for their purpose of use, those formats should be converted. This conversion should be carried out with the minimum losses and in the fastest way.

As AVKOM, thanks to our high-quality and super fast transcoder devices, we deploy those transcoding operations for you. We can handle your large batch of video files and meet your daily arising needs. Starting from 4K resolutions to QCIF, we can plan and deploy any size of your converting operations in the fastest way. With the broad support we offer, you can create outputs in a format adopted by your digital information screens, your websites, media organizations and international organizations. High quality but space-saving outputs which can be easily played on the internet will surprise your interlocutors. If you want we can forward your transcoded images to you or to any cloud storage you have pointed out.