TV Studio Design and Implementation

TV stüdyosu kurulumuArchitectural Design and Implementation

We do the architectural design of the place where the studio is planned to be built appropriately. According to this architectural design, we perform construction works if requested. We design and carry out  projects for all infrastructure works including mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Decor Design and Implementation

Once the place is ready to become a studio, we decorate the designs according to the needs of the studio owner. We make the optimum decor design that enables the most efficient use of the studio space and that takes into account all kinds of needs regarding to the scale of program. In our decor designs we adopt “Green Move” and take into account low energy consumption. The materials we choose are user-friendly and bring the lowest load to the building.

Video / Audio / Light Projecting and ImplementationTv yayin studyolari 2

We project studio’s video / audio / light works to get the best result in the direction of the studio owner’s goals. We consider especially forward-looking trends at the project design phase and most importantly design user-friedly structures. Another issue that we take into account in our projects is to design systems as trouble-free as possible and requiring low human power. In the video / audio / light projects we design in this manner, we choose materials / devices together with our customers. As Avkom, with the world famous brands we represent, we can offer the best quality products at the best prices.

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 Automation and IT Applications

We design and implement automation systems both to produce contents in a healthy and fast manner and to store them securely. Because we know how important keeping operating costs at low level is to corporations, we set up Broadcast Automation Systems, Newsroom Automation Systems and Archive Systems which require low labor force. We provide transferring and archiving of all contents digitally within the organization.

Satellite and Internet Broadcasting

TV Otomasyon Sistemleri

In the direction of the targets, we also design and carry out the distribution of the produced contents over satellite and/or over the Internet. We ensure the content reach to the highest number of people with the most optimal quality.


Commissioning and Training

We commission all systems we designed and conduct their trainings. In order to ensure that the installed systems are used in the healthiest way, our training programs spread over sufficient time.

Post-Installation Technical Support

After the systems are commissioned we support technician to our customers on the first broadcast days. After broadcasting starts we also keep on this support for the requested period within the scope of “service contracts”



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