TV Broadcast Graphics System

The most important part of TV broadcasts are graphic materials used in broadcasting. Being of high quality, giving necessary messages without straining eyes, and having wholism are very important for these graphics.WASP3D_Finans Grafikleri

Wholistic Design

In the design phase which is the first, we create a concept with our customers. We improve this concept step by step and design the items to be used in the whole broadcast. Broadcast and advertising logos, crawl rolls, news bands, last minute bands are the first items to be prepared. After agreeing on these items, program generics are being designed again in the framework of wholism. When generics are being prepared, easy-to-apply concepts are used especially for new programs that will emerge in the future. So that we achieve the operational convenience to which we always give particular importance.

Selection of Graphics Systems

The selection of graphics systems is shaped by the design. According to the structure of the designs we choose systems that reflect these designs properly and in a high-quality manner. We again give, as always we do, particular importance to operational convenience in the system selection process.

Design Applicationwasp3d_hava-durumu-grafigi

We apply the designed graphics on selected graphics systems. At this stage, we also make minor adjustments in graphic designs. Together with our customer, we ensure that the result is perfect. Perfect graphics for perfect broadcast. 

Training and Commissioning

After the application is completely implemented, we conduct operator trainings. Thanks to our our full service practice, our client does not have to hire a graphic designer so he can leave all the application work to us. For that reason, we offer practical operator training at our customer’s request.


After graphics systems are commissioned and start to be used, we provide support as long as our customers demand during a specific agreement period. The scope of this support varies from device defects to designs and application support.

Special Events (Election, Sports Meetings etc.)

We also provide solutions for the needs of our customers in special programs such as election, sports games, competition shows.



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