Storage and Backup

Video content that we are experts in is very space-consuming. We need terabytes of storage space. To handle it, we deploy especially disc based very fast and optical very reliable storage systems.

Disc-based Systems

We deploy disc-based storage systems that can grow from a few terabytes up to petabytes. Depending our costumer’s infrastructure we design DAS or NAS systems and carry out their integration. The systems we setup are appropriate for video storage with their large capacity and high speed. When any need for very high speed arises we setup cluster-style storage systems.

Optic Systems

To meet capacity requirements and especially to back up disk-based systems we deploy very long-lasting and particularly secure optical storage systems. These systems which are more long-lasting (50 years and over) than magnetic systems, are also extremely resistant to heat and humidity. Because optical systems do not require much cooling, they can be installed in case rooms or other places instead of system rooms. And because they are not magnetic, they are not affected by electric fields Again because they are not magnetic, humidity does not affect them. Their resistance to heat is also very high compared to the magnetic tape systems. We recommend optical systems especially for the contents, whether or not it is video, need to be stored for a very long time. The very special contents like public security, court, financials can only be stored securely for a long time with optical storage systems.



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