Recording Surgery and Archiving


For different reasons hospitals record videos of surgeries. This might be due to legal requirements or for educational purposes. These surgery recordings require to be kept for long periods of time. As AVKOM, we provide all the necessary projects and technical infrastructure which are essential for the process starting from recording surgery to archiving, and then ensuring that the content is easily useable..


When entering the room, the doctor responsible for the operation or the officer responsible for the surgery starts the registration via the touchscreen system by entering the information about the operation manually or by barcode or even by confirming the previosly entered information. The system starts the recording process and at the same time transfers the recordings to the central management system.

The recordings transferred to the central management system is added to the relevant patient’s file according to the previously entered information

The necessary security regulations are automatically made on these recordings. Within the framework of previously entered rules, recordingss can only be accessed by authorized persons.

These recordings can be accessed via the web or via a desktop PC. They can be downloaded in different formats for different purposes. It is also possible to take notes and put marks  on these recordings, So that the time loss is prevented when those recordings are used for educational purposes by going to the important points quickly.