Point to Point Image Transmission Through The Internet

From point to point hight quality video and image transmission are increasingly needed in many areas. Transmission can be conveyed either over special lines (fiber, microwave) or over standard lines (internet). In either case, because bandwidth will bring a certain financial or technical cost, the maximum compression without degrading the quality of the image is of the utmost importance. We offer to compress HD images in H264 or HEVC(H265) formats and ensure their transmission in those formats. HEVC pays back the initial investment in a short period by saving almost %50 bandwidth, especially, compared to H264.

Another important issue in image transmission from point to point is to be able to manage bandwidth of coding and transmission systems. As known Internet bandwidth can pick and drop from time to time. With the systems we provide it is possible to detect those ups and downs and adjust the coding bandwidth accordingly so that a continuous streaming is always possible.

From point to point transmission requires very low latency especially when used in medical (surgery), military (operation or exercise), safety purposes (social events etc.) Solutions we offered work with very low delay. So that, the receiver may be could watch the contents with a delay of 2 seconds or less. This enables healthy communication between the sending party and the receiving party if voice transmission is also present.

In some applications, transmission time lasts too much. The systems we provide work 24 hours a day. Some of our models have been developed especially for challenging conditions. So it can work outdoors or in very hot / very cold / vibrating environments.

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