Military, Police and Civil Defense

Military Exercise Recordings

We provide video recording systems that can synchronously record military exercise displays. We setup systems to ensure that these displays are archived and can be analyzed later.

Military Vehicle Recordings

We provide systems that record on-board or in-vehicle camera displays of wheeled or crawler military vehicles. We setup the infrastructure that allows these displays to be transferred wirelessly to the operation control center with low latency.

Recordings and Transfer of Mİlitary, Police, Civil Defense Helicopters and Aircraft Displays

We install systems that enable transferring high-quality displays from an aircraft or helicopter to the center of operation and from there delivering to endpoints. We setup systems that allow these displays to be recorded at the operational center and archived to be safely stored. We set up mobile stations and handheld terminals that allow displays to be viewed from the point of operation.

Drones for Civil Defense and Internal Security

We produce Drones that have long flight time and can be used in civil defense and in public security. We setup systems that allow transmitting displays from these drones which are far from the ground.

Archive and Search

We setup advanced archive systems that archive recorded displays and allow re-using them later. We also set up infrastructures enabling to store critically important images safely for long periods of time.



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