Management of the Meeting Room

The management of meeting rooms is a whole business on its own. This responsibility is often left unattended in institutions and the management of the rooms becomes a rat race. As AVKOM, we have a very flexible system that puts this work into complete alignment.

We put the screens in the desired size to the desired spot at the entrance of the meeting room. Optionally these screens can be placed under or over plaster. Their size can be between 10″ and 24″. On the screens we can display the meeting taking place with the start and end times of the coming meeting. It is also possible to display the organizersof the meeting or participants. We manage the screens via a central web-based interface. We provide the system with Outlook and Exchange integration, if desired. Therefore, to use a separate tool for management is not necessary anymore. The central management software includes features like allowing to close the meeting early or restaring it. So that a room that is reserved for 1 hour can be re-booked right after the meeting closes early. Our screens can also be provided with optional touch-operated features. Because our management screens work with embedded operating systems, they offer very high MTBF values. The meeting room management system with upfated installation will be in operation for a long time.