Live Broadcast Vehicle

Vehicle Selection

The live broadcast vehicle’s purpose of use is of utmost important in selection of vehicle. As Avkom, by taking into account the purpose of use, we help to choose different, more compliant models apart from the traditional accostumed vehicle models. In the process of vehicle selection we suggest our customers to prefer user-friendly and less costly models.

Vehicle Modification and Placement

Once we decide on the type of vehicle, we modify this vehicle in line with its purpose. We complete all the projecting processes by modification. We finalize all the drawings with our costumer. After approval, we make the necessary bodywork and interior modifications. While modifying the vehicle, we take into account that the balance of the vehicle is not upset and the vehicle is still easy to operate. Our other point of attention is to maintain the original version of the vehicle as much as possible. So that we guarantee a longer life for vehicle.

Outfitting the Vehicle

Together with our costumers we select the devices and assemble them into the vehicle. In the selection process we consider especially the weight, silence and power consumption of the devices.  Additionally, we prefer solid state and low-temperature devices as much as possible. Throughout this process our goal is always easy and cheap operating.

Vehicle Training and Delivery

We offer all training for our ready-made vehicle. We inform our customers about maintenance. If requested, we follow the traffic procedures on behalf of our customer and make the delivery.

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