IPTV SistemleriBroadcasting now shifts quickly onto cable and the Internet. Cable operator telecommunication companies offer IPTV broadcasting services through their own infrastructure. Media organizations who doesn’t have such infrastructure provide similar services over the Internet (OTT). In addition, large multi-branch and large enterprise establish similar services for internal communication.

IPTV and OTT Systems

We provide infrastructure systems for IPTV and OTT services. With our expert engineers in these systems we provide counselling , device supply, installation and commissioning services. We also provide systems for downloading broadcasts from the satellite. We set up the necessary infrastructure to modify downloaded broadcasts (adding language, removing, subtitles etc.) We setup encoder / transcoder systems that code broadcasts having appropriate content according to the infrastructure and service needs. When  we design and setup these systems, we are basically paying attention that our systems have some qualifications like ease of operation, stability,IPTV Sistemleri_3 space saving and the low energy consumption. In addition, we attach great importance to bandwidth management especially for systems we set up for companies. Our typical customers in this area are Telecom companies, TVs, and, because they have many branches, banks, automotive firms, store chains.

VOD Systems

In providing content over the Internet, the most popular contents apart from live broadcasts or linear broadcasts is offered as VOD (Video On Demand). Documentaries, Movies, Educational Videos are contents that viewers can request from a library and that they sometimes watch for a fee and sometimes free. We design workflows for making these videos ready, and we provide systems where we can execute these workflows. We provide the necessary systems to code and modify (resize, vocalization, subtitle etc.) contents for making them ready to service.



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