In-house TV Broadcasting

Institutions use broadcasting solutions for both empowering internal communication and using them in branch offices. Companies offer in-house IPTV broadcasting by using their own infrastructures. They can provide this service also over the internet instead of over their own infrastructure. Especially large companies with multiple branches creates corporate TV designed according to their corporate identities over the internet, because they need such systems where they can address all of its branches. Mostly TVs, banks, automotive firms, store chains use ‘In-House Tv Broadcasting’ service widely.

Watching Live Educational Broadcasts from All Branches

We provide IPTV broadcasting service to multi-branch companies desiring to use in-house TV broadcasting. We deliver live training broadcasts and videos oriented to certain departments to  to all their branches at the same moment. For example, we, concurrently, deliver a multi-branch Bank’s CEO’s speech aim to increase the motivation within the organization. We record this speech instantly and archive it.

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