Hotel / Accommodation / Hospital TV

For the hotels, by using industrial satellite receivers we decode the television channels (encrypted, unencrypted or with a subscription) We encode these television channels into a network packet. We improve the quality of streaming by varying the bit rate of the channels. And then give this network packet to the hotel’s IPTV platform.

With the technology we provide, the hotel management can sort and arrange TV channels as they wish by transferring this stream to the setup box. So that with a network cable television broadcast is connected to each room in the hotel.

Designing TV Broadcasts According to Customer Portfolio

The hotel management can arrange the TV broadcast in rooms according to its customer’s portfolio. Whenever they want, the number of channels can be increased from 20 to 100. With 2 additional devices, the broadcast can be expanded from the center by adding foreign channels to the system

With the IPTV technology we rescue the hotels from all the handicaps brought by the old antenna cables. After the necessary arrangements in the Hotel TV technology, Hotel TV is ready to be left to users or better to say hotel guests.