Hospital Technology

In the field of hospital technology among our services we offer streaming live surgery, recording, archiving the high-resolution surgery video content and distributing those video content to the all branches of hospitals. These contents can serve as training tool for up-and-coming surgeons and other medical professionals.   .

Because the use of media is very important in medical education, as in all branches of education, we enable to record operations performed by the world-renowned professors with high-resolution.

Interactive Live Surgery Streaming

“Thanks to the technology we use, we can live stream the operation in the conference room at the same time.”

The most important issue we pay attention in this broadcast is real-time streaming without any  loss.To enable any interactive interventions from the conference room we provide snapshot of the operation with very little delay. So that anyone seeing the surgery live can ask questions to the doctors performing the operation and get a response. An operation performed by a world-famous surgeon can be used offline in medical education and archieved.

At the request of the patient or the patient’s insurance company we can record the operation. For a possible case, this record could constitute evidence in the hands of the patient or the patient’s insurance company

We ensure the branches of the hospital from different cities see the operation live. Thanks to our technology providing us real-time broadcasting the hospital can transmit the same media/video content to its staff and students from all of different cities. We can also provide interactive conversation during surgery. For example the professor can connect and supervise the operation in which he does not participate.