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borsa-istanbul-digital-signageDigital Screens are everywhere in our lives.

In shopping malls, stores, trains, banks, monitoring rooms, meeting rooms, and our companies, now we have screens all over our daily communication. As Avkom, we install professional screens, provide content and business support.

Screens in Retail Stores

For chain stores we install screens that can be instantly managed from the center. We design  centers with screens able to run for a long time and we integrate these structures. We can achieve above 99% uptime in these centers we establish. Our customers or we, under the aggrement, check the screen content if requested. We can set up in any city or district in Turkey. All we need for central management is internet connection.

 Screens in Shopping MallsVideowall uygulaması

We offer screen solutions for places like shopping malls where people visit a lot. Sometimes vertical screens so-called “Totem” are among our solutions and sometimes massive video walls consisting of tens of screens.

Screens in Public Areas

We set up information and advertising screens in places such as subway stations, station buildings, coach stations. These screens can work for a long time (they can work on 7/24) and are applied so as not to be affected from the outdoor conditions.

Screens on Classroom Doors

In educational facilities, we install, optionally, surface-mount or flush-mount information screens on classroom doors. These medikar-hastanesi-isimlikscreens display information about course and instructor. Besides, our screens can also be responsible for taking attendence. The screen reads the cards of instructors and students entering in classroom and so that attendence is taken automatically. Over the internet, this information can be transmitted to the management. These screens can also be used for needs such as classroom reservation. So that, before the class, the instructor can reserve the classroom having suitable equipment for his lecture. This information can be transmitted over the internet to the student portals. And students can see in which classroom the lecture will take place.


Screens in Meeting Room Doors

The management of meeting rooms is a whole business on its own and to handle this work we set up screens on the doors of meeting rooms. The screens are managed via a central system and reservation can be made centrally. We set up Microsof Outlook and Exchange integration on demand. The equipment in the meeting room can also be managed on the system. We also have touchscreens which can be operated on screens. In case the meeting ends early, the meeting room can be made ready for other meetings at the moment of the notice made on screens while people are leaving. the meeting room.



Screens in factories

We install information screens in factories especially to keep employees highly motivated. So that employees can be informed instantly. Screens can be managed via the central system and, if requested, integrated into the ERP system. So information like production graphics, production performance of that day can be displayed in factory halls.


Screens in Bank Offices

We install instantly updated digital screens on the bank branches. These screens take the responsibility to quickly introduce banking products to customers coming to the branch. Banks are very fast in generating banking products. Sometimes they are so fast that even their employees know about these products after a while. Therefore sometimes screens can also be used to inform employees.



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