Defense Industry Image Transfer

For defense industry we make projects that are specific to this industry’s  needs of media, video and image.

For the military and civil defense industry, we offer much more flexible, manageable,  and experiencing  minimum level of malfunction solutions than the solutions offered by foreign companies.

We take the camera images of the vehicles (It can be either an aircraft such as anti-aircraft, antimissile or a ground vehicle ) used in the defense industry and download these images to a fixed antenna of a certain diameter.

Minimum Delay in Image Transfer

For example, if the team below wants to intervene and direct a military helicopter used in the defense industry we make sure that the helicopter is able to access the team without any delay.

The image loaded from the helicopter by RF technology, is re-coded as IP-basis by the system we use. The most important point here is that the solution we offer is an easy to manage system. Thanks to the technology we offer, the ground center, by accessing the image of vehicle with minimum delay, can navigate the vehicle as it wishes. With our system, we aim to avoid vital delays that may be experienced in the defense industry sector.

Distributing Aerial Image

We enable the aerial image taken during a military operation to be live watched in a center located in another city. We offer image transfer solutions that enable the operation to be monitored instantaneously by hundreds of people via a VideoWall. If requested we can transfer the image of this operation to a port. We archive all these images so that they can be viewed offline.