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Each corporation is a unique world with its employees and customers. Both employees and customers are from different territories and often away from the center. Therefore, the communication of the corporations with both their employees and their customers is of critical importance. In this age, the most favourable way to provide this communication is video. Because telecom infrastructure has improved so much, delivering video messages is very easy and fast. Although video cannot substitute for an exact face-to-face communication, it is the closest.

In-House Studios

To produce video message efficiently and quickly, we set up in-house mini studios. Therby, corporations can produce video contents very quickly. In these studios, not only video recording but also, over the internet, live broadcasts are available. To enrich the content we build “Green Box” studios.

In-House Content Delivery

In order to deliver produced contents to employees securely, we set up infrastructure and portals. Whether it is under the same roof or geographically spread out, we deliver all contents and live broadcasts securely using the institution’s IT infrastructure and authentification rules. These contents might be the contents like admin messages, educational videos. We distribute the contents either PCs or TV screens. Additionally, contents for like education we can also monitor who has watched and who has not.

Transmitting over the Internet

In costumer communication, whether it is live or recording we deliver the contents over the internet. We can produce contents compliant with popular content portals such as Youtube. We provide systems to broadcast live on Youtube. From any place where the internet infrastructure is available, hotels, congress centers, we install systems that can broadcast live.


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