Corporate Video Portal

We set up video portals so that the employees and customers of multi-branch organizations can securely access their video contents.

Corporates can broadcast live via these video portals as well as share their recordings. Thanks to high secure infrastructures, access to content is provided by only authorized personnel. Video contents can be enriched by metadata. Live broadcasts are automatically recorded, so that those who can not watch live can watch the broadcasts later.

Video portals offer a wide range of reporting opportunities. Managers can oversee which content is watched by whom. Video portals can create firm-specific HTML5 based landing pages and can integrate them into their existing webpage. They can also offer customized broadcast streams by which real TV broadcast effects can be created. It is possible to offer daily, weekly, and monthly broadcast streaming. Thanks to workflow rules, contents can be published automatically to social media accounts  (facebook, twitter, youtube) or web pages. Access to video contents can be provided from web browsers as well as from mobile devices.

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Please visit our reference page in order to access the installations we performed and reference rpofjects we developed.