Corporate Video and Photo Memory

It is very important for companies to be able to create their own corporate memory. To achieve this, the most valuables are pictures and videos. These worthy data displays all the progress company experienced from past to present, its milestones, with whom the company worked, the kind of collabarations the company has been in.

We establish corporate memories of companies

With our technology infrastructure all the needed videos and photos can be reached whenever and wherever demanded by anyone company permits. So that we establish an invaluable corporate memory system passing down from generation to generation.

We Work in Integration With Agencies

If you receive your institutional data from agencies, you can not reach this data when you change your agency or end your business.

By connecting to your agency daily we ensure your company download all data to your systems and make this data be part of your corporate  memory.

Once you define your data to our systems, you automatically connect to your agencies and automatically start downloading your data at the specified time, in the determined categories. So when shift begins in the morning, you can instantly reach your data and start to review.

Share Your Data Easily

You can convert your data into almost any format without breaking the original, then share it with your colleagues and managers on demand.