Corporate Digital Conversion

In the 21st century, regarded as the age of information and communication, companies direct most of their investments in internal and external communication. In this process, as Avkom Teknology, by ensuring companies use more visual materials which are the best way to give message, we carry out digital conversions and help companies come to the level to keep pace with the age.

In the digital transformation process differing from sector to sector, we try to adopt company to current technologies and enhance the institutional commitment of employees by ensuring them receive the right messages via in-house screens or iptv systems.

With the help of visual materials. we also try to make sure that customers are aware of campaigns

For example;

By installing digital screens on all stores of a retail company in Turkey, we both increased in-store visual richness and delivered campaign messages to the customers much better.

In a manufacturing company, we set up a large Video Wall displaying the analysis of the complete production process. Besides we set up digital information screens for efficient use of meeting rooms. Through this system, they can organize all the materials needed at the meeting.

For a holding company, with in-house vertical screens we contributed to employee’s establishment of institutional culture from procedures up to regulations

With many examples like these, we support to complete your institutional digital transformation and develop healthier and sounder communication with your customers.

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